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    Innovative designs that truly reflect the style of the modern man and woman, Clarkford creates an edge when it comes to cutting-edge craftsmanship and design


    Whether it comes to enhancing the precision of its movements, reinforcing the sturdiness of the cases, improving the readability of the dials or developing new functions, Clarkford constantly optimizes the performances of its watches


    Clarkford equips all its watches with chronometer-certified movements – the ultimate benchmark in terms of reliability and precision. Quality is top notch from case to movement and from dial to strap/bracelet

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    Clarkford is a true representation of exquisite craftsmanship, precision technology and design aesthetics in the art of watch making. Innovating with time, we have evolved stylish, elegant and signature designs which match with the design of yesterday’s fashion and live up to the aspirations of today’s generation. These fashion accessories for the wrist come in basic mechanical, miniaturization, electronic and digital technology. Bridging the gap between what a …

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